The ancient and trusted Chinese medical approach can help for a variety of medical conditions, including:  

– arthritis, rheumatoid or osteo
– back-pain, sciatica
– sports injuries, tennis elbow 
– asthma, allergies, hay fever 
– colitis, irritable bowel syndrome 
– chronic constipation or diarrhoea 
– migraine, headache 
– chronic fatigue, ME 
– acne, eccema (also in children)
– anxiety, depression 
– insomnia, stress 
– painful or heavy menstruation
– endometriosis, PCOS 
– infertility 
– menopausal symptoms
– pregnancy related problems
   like morning sickness, heartburn 

Chinese medicine can also help you to lose weight or stop smoking

Acupuncture for birth-preparation starting from week 35 has been found to improve the chances of having an easier delivery.