Price list

Prices for consultations and treatments
at Duffield Acupuncture Practice: 

First consultation:
₤ 50 (ca. 1.5 hours)

₤ 40 (1 hour)

Crystal healing bed session (20 min):
£ 16

Acupuncture plus Crystal healing:
£ 45

Herbal medicine first consultation:

An acupuncture demonstraion dummy

What to expect:


Usually a course of 5 – 15 treatment is given depending on the severity and past history of the condition and on the reactability of the individual patient. 
Results are often seen immediately, but to achieve further and lasting improvement, more treatments are usually necessary.

Ideally acupuncture sessions are given more frequently in the beginning (2 times a week), then less frequently (once or twice a month) to consolidate the results.

Herbal medicine:

Biggest job for both patient and therapist is the initial meeting! 
In this first consultation the therapist asks lots and lots of questions in order to get a good idea of the patient’s constitution and symptoms. In addition to these questions the therapist will also look at the colour, form and any coating of the client’s tongue and also feel the pulse on both wrists to gather further information.

Once the patient starts taking the prescribed herbs, he/she just needs to come for short consultations to monitor the effect of the drugs and to adjust the prescription if necessary. Initially this would be after about 10 days, then every 2 – 4 weeks. The costs for the herbs are ususally between 30 and 40 ₤ per month.